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Vedge review image

PHL Review


Vedge in Midtown Village is one of the best places to eat vegetables in the city.

Fuel Healthy Kitchen review image

PHL Review

Fuel Healthy Kitchen

Fuel Healthy Kitchen has salads, rice bowls, smoothies and juices, and a few sandwiches that will help power you through a long day. The Northeast spot has plenty light options to choose from.

Charlie Was A Sinner review image

PHL Review

Charlie Was A Sinner

Charlie Was A Sinner is a vegan bar in Midtown Village that’s good for meeting up with a friend for a drink and a few small plates.

Honest Tom’s Taco Shop review image

PHL Review

Honest Tom’s Taco Shop

Honest Tom’s is a vegan taco shop near Penn that looks like Snow White’s cottage.

Primary Plant Based review image

PHL Review

Primary Plant Based

Primary Plant Based is a standout vegan restaurant in Fishtown.

Unit Su Vege review image

PHL Review

Unit Su Vege

Unit Su Vedge is a Chinese restaurant in Spring that exclusively serves vegetarian and vegan dishes.