It’s often hard to choose between ice cream or a crispy, cool pet nat on a hot summer day. Thankfully, the team at Folderol knows this and has therefore made it easy for you to have both in one place. This dessert spot and wine bar in the 11th Arr. is just a couple hundred feet down from their sister restaurant, the Japanese-inspired Le Rigmarole, and has become increasingly popular since opening in early 2021. If you stay to eat your scoop, choose from the flavors scribbled on the left-hand side of the mirror. Flavors to-go, which tend to be the chunkier options - think strawberry shortcake, sesame brownie, and peanut butter crunch - are on the right. Wine from small, independent producers can also be taken to-go or sipped around the horseshoe-shaped bar, and paired with olive oil-soaked focaccia.

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