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Café du Coin review image

PAR Review

Café du Coin

Café du Coin is a lively wine bar in the 11th.

Le 18 review image

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Le 18

Le 18 is a wine bar in the 11th where you can see live jazz on Wednesdays.

Cafe De Luce review image

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Cafe De Luce

Cafe De Luce in the 18th Arr. is your ideal Parisian corner cafe.

Mokoloco review image

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Mokoloco, in the 11th Arr., is a Middle Eastern sandwich cafe by day and a small plates bar by night.

Penny Lane review image

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Penny Lane

If you’re looking for grab-and-go sandwiches, make Penny Lane in the 10th Arr. your go-to spot.

Breizh Cafe review image

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Breizh Cafe

Famous for their buckwheat crepes from Brittany, Breizh Cafe is a perfect affordable lunch in the Marais.

L'Ami Jean review image

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L'Ami Jean

L’Ami Jean is a lively French bistro in the 7th, and it’s on the expensive side, but the food is excellent, exciting, and worth your time.

La Fontaine de Belleville review image

PAR Review

La Fontaine de Belleville

You’ll find extremely high quality coffee in an extremely pleasant environment at La Fontaine de Belleville in the 10th.

Café Charlot review image

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Café Charlot

Café Charlot is a great place to hang in Paris and people watch. The food is classic brasserie, and the crowd is neighborhood and expats.

Frenchie to Go review image

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Frenchie to Go

Looking for a sandwich to eat on the Seine? Or in your hotel room? Or standing on the street? Hit Frenchie To Go and have a pastrami. Seriously.

Miznon review image

PAR Review


Miznon comes to Paris from a famous Israeli chef, who opened the original in Tel Aviv. The menu changes frequently, but the sandwiches are excellent.

L’As du Fallafel review image

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L’As du Fallafel

Is L’as Du Fallafel a tourist trap? Yes. Is it still worth a visit when you need a break from French food? Absolutely.

Clamato review image

PAR Review


Owned and operated by the very same people behind Septime, Clamato is another must-have restaurant experience.

Le Servan review image

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Le Servan

Le Servan is of our favorite little bistros in all of Paris, and we’re not alone in that sentiment. Hit it for lunch and some unexpected flavors.