Otto’s High Dive

You definitely come to Otto’s, a rum bar in the Milk District, for the drinks. They have over 30 cocktails, and we love the liquid guava pastelito complete with mascarpone and a better-than-your-average rum and coke with homemade soda.

But while you’re here, you should also order some Cuban food off their short menu. They do a great ropa vieja that’s particularly cinnamon- and ancho pepper-forward, and a perfectly moist tres leches flecked with orange zest for dessert. You might even see them roast a pig on the patio, which they use in the medianoche, a sandwich that’s essentially the same as the cubano, except the bread is sweeter. It’s basically impossible to have a bad time here, especially if you sit at the bar and watch the energetic bartenders who are just really good at their jobs.

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