Nami Kaze

Open for brunch and dinner, Nami Kaze’s menu can feel somewhere between intriguing and overwhelming, with things like lobster yuzu sushi rolls and a teri ahi burger on the breakfast menu. Even the straightforward-sounding omelette ends up coming out as a not-at-all-straightforward chawanmushi topped with mentaiko. Embrace the fun though and you’ll end up with a table of excellent options like the must-order honey walnut shrimp waffle, a.k.a. the best waffle pairing since fried chicken. Dinner focuses more on izakaya-style small plates like cold-smoked tomatoes with tofu and hamachi crudo. Nami Kaze is right by Honolulu’s commercial fishing pier, and the industrial exterior gives way to a big space filled with blond wood and a mix of tables and booths lit by Japanese glass fishing floats.

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