White Gold Butchers

Perfect For: Breakfast Casual Weeknight Dinner Lunch

If you generally think that uptown restaurants are either steakhouses or white-tablecloth institutions where your parents bring you when you graduate law school, then you may not be familiar with White Gold Butchers. And people on the Upper West Side probably want to keep it that way. This all-day meat-focused restaurant is one of our favorite spots on the Upper West Side, and yet the waits are less like a new Jordans release, and more like a DSW checkout line.

We like this place best during breakfast and lunch, when it’s a counter-service spot serving excellent sandwiches on fresh-baked kaiser rolls. The egg and cheese with thick bacon is one of the best BECs we’ve ever had. At lunch, our go-to is the meatball sandwich, which is so good that we don’t mind our near-perfect batting average of leaving with some of the melted cheese sauce on our clothes. For dinner, the space turns into a full-service restaurant serving larger plates of the animal of your choice. The beef is great, but our favorite thing on the dinner menu is probably the side of crispy potatoes cooked in beef fat.

White Gold isn’t the kind of place where you bring your friend who says “Cheat day!” after ordering a frittata with eggs (instead of egg whites). The brussels sprouts are topped with bacon, the meatballs are cooked with pork fat, and, well, it’s a butcher shop. The food is rich, and a lot of it, especially during the day, is excellent. You should be eating at White Gold regardless of where you live, or whether you’re ever going to graduate from law school.

Food Rundown

Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

A couple slabs of bacon, eggs cooked in beef fat, and melted American cheese on a poppy-seed roll. One of the best BECs out there.

Meatball Sandwich

There is no neat way to eat this, and you will almost certainly end up with some of it on your clothes, but it’s worth it. The meatballs are cooked with pork fat and then covered in a creamy cheese and tomato sauce, and its all served on a kaiser roll. This is an excellent sandwich.

Roast Beef Sandwich

This is one of the cold sandwiches here, which come out immediately, and are not as good as the warm ones made to order. The roast beef itself has a lot of flavor, but this sandwich doesn’t have much else going on, and it’s not a lot of food.

Crispy Layered Potato

We’re not food scientists - though that sounds like a very cool job - so we don’t know if the fact that these potatoes are layered like an accordion gives them more flavor. What we do know is that these are some of the best fried potatoes we’ve ever had.

Smoked Chicken Rice

If you’re going to get a small plate at dinner, this should be it. The rice is coated in chicken juices, and it’s full of chunks of chicken and sausage. We like the cilantro, but wish the dish had a little crunch.


The lamb comes over mint yogurt and a pool of its own juices. We like this, but it’s a pretty small portion.


This is our favorite entree here. The cut (and price) changes based on what they have, but we’ve never been disappointed. The side of swiss chard it comes with isn’t as good as the brussels sprouts - which come with bacon, and which you should also order.

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