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Noah Devereaux


Written by
Noah Devereaux

Well isn’t this refreshing? A new restaurant in the East Village that isn’t either serving smoothies or dumplings, or limited time only smoothie dumplings because internet.

We’re all for the healthy food and fast casual trends that are currently sweeping the city, but lately we’ve found ourselves desperate for a new spot where we can settle in at a nice table with a good glass of wine and work on giving ourselves a touch of gout. Luckily, we’ve found one in Virginia’s.

If you’ve spent any time at restaurants like The Eddy or Pearl & Ash, you’ll understand what kind of restaurant Virginia’s is. It’s a tiny spot all the way over on Avenue C that’s much nicer on the inside than you’d expect it to be, and much more polished in terms of menu than pretty much anything else in the area. It’s a serious restaurant that serves serious food, like rillettes and risotto and scallop dishes that you’d more likely find at an upscale restaurant that your dad is really into than you would in the far East Village.

Noah Devereaux

We like Virginia’s a lot, mostly thanks to our previously stated desire to go big from time to time. But it also took us a bunch of visits to come around. When the restaurant first opened, we found the food to be a bit inconsistent, and the service was (and still can be) a little awkward at times. Things have definitely stabilized lately, and Virginia’s also smartly put a burger on their menu to appease the more casual weekday diner. It might be the best burger in the East Village.

So, while we fully back whatever fast casual spot you get a salad from every other day, we’re also not ready to give up on what we started The Infatuation for in the first place - helping you find a place for a little hedonism.

Food Rundown

Duck Rillettes

If you’ve never had rillettes, the best way to describe it is probably a pate or terrine in a jar. In this instance, duck is rendered down into its duckiest, saltiest form and served with bread and some concord grapes. An excellent way to start your meal. Also, do not do this without some wine in front of you.

Chicken & Bacon Meatballs

The meatballs and the burger are listed as only available on the “Bistro Menu” on Mondays, but we ate them both on a Saturday, so we’re going to say you can probably get them anytime. If you don’t see them, demand them, because they are really, really good.

Caramelized Romanesco

That is not a Stegosaurus, it’s romanesco, a type of broccoli. A nice vegetable starter that isn’t brussels sprouts.


This risotto is of the butternut squash variety, and it’s one of the richest plates of food we’ve ever had. And we’d have it again, any day.

Virginia’s Burger

This is an insanely good, insanely rich burger. Pretty sure this gets basted with four sticks of butter before it gets put on the bun and pretty sure I am 100% OK with that.

Five Spice Chicken

If you must eat some chicken, this will do just fine, but we’d recommend spending your time with other things on this menu, mainly the burger.

Raw Honey Panna Cotta

Imagine the best breakfast yogurt you’ve ever had, served for dessert. I don’t even like panna cotta and I want my doctor to tell me I need to eat one of these every day because it’s good for my bones or something. Where do I find one of those doctors?

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