Uogashi New York is permanently closed

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Uogashi New York

Japanese in East Village

We’re on a perpetual hunt for excellent sushi that doesn’t cost $100-plus a person, so we were excited to check out this East Village spot that does a $75 omakase - and which got some rave reviews elsewhere. Unfortunately, we didn’t love it, and there are much better options in this price range. Because $75 (which is over $100 once you factor in tax, tip, and maybe a drink) is still a lot of money.

The omakase does get you a lot of food, but the sushi pieces are weirdly oversized in a way that’s not particularly appealing and the fish variety wasn’t very impressive either. It’s a decent option for a few rolls or pieces a la carte, but it’s not a must-visit. At all. The space is somewhat sanitary-feeling, and has those plasticky wood floors that give the room a bit of a cheap feel.

Want to spend between $75 and $100 on some really, really good sushi? Go to Sushi Katsuei, Sushi Dojo, or Tanoshi. Want to spend less, somewhere in the East Village? Try Kanoyama or Hasaki.

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