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Untitled at The Whitney


99 Gansevoort St, New York
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Dinner in an art museum. Sounds about as exciting as a meal in a church, right? Maybe that depends on where you worship. If spending a Sunday at Gramercy Tavern feels like the Sabbath to you, you’re going to like it here at Untitled.

Untitled is Danny Meyer’s restaurant at the new Whitney Museum, just as it was in the old Whitney Museum. But this version is a much different piece of work, largely thanks to the fact that Gramercy Tavern’s Michael Anthony is the Executive Chef. The food at Untitled feels strongly influenced by the menu at Gramercy Tavern - most dishes are highly composed yet also very simple, and almost all have some sort of bright green sauce on the plate (that’s how you know it’s an authentic Michael Anthony). It’s all very familiar if you’ve ever spent an evening eating in the Gramercy Tavern bar, which we most definitely have. And everything we’ve eaten here so far has been nearly on that level.

The things that probably won’t be familiar to you at Untitled are the prices. The most expensive item on the menu on our most recent visit was a $27 lamb chop, and some of the small plates and starters cost as little as $12. For food of this caliber, and considering the fact that you are both in a museum and in the Meatpacking District, that’s a pretty good deal. You and your mom could definitely have a very nice dinner here and spend less than $100 - depending on whether or not she’s the type to go a little Lucille Bluth on the Sauvingon Blanc.

And while Untitled is most definitely an ideal spot for Dinner With The Parents, it’s also Perfect For several other situations, from a night out with the girls, to a night out with some clients, to a meal with your cousins who are visiting from Texas. There’s even some great outdoor seating, which makes it an excellent spot to watch the all Meatpacking action walk by - forget about the art, that’s the real cultural entertainment on display here. Maybe we should eat in museums more often.

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Food Rundown

Untitled at The Whitney review image

Fluke With Radish, Sorrel & Lime

A fluke crudo is never gonna make anyone mad.

Lobster Toast

Like crab toast, but with lobster. So, better.

Carrots With Chili & Peanuts

Carrots, chili, peanuts. We like all of those things. So do you. Get some.

Spring Onion & Bacon Flatbread

For some reason, whenever I see the word “flatbread,” it makes me think about Applebee’s. Like someone in their corporate office must have been like, “How do we get people in the Midwest to eat more pizza?,” and then their Head of Marketing and Obesity was like, “Call it flatbread.” Anyway, this is a pizza, and it is very good, and it bears no resemblance to anything on an Applebee’s menu. But thanks for riding through that with me.

Stradette With Broccoli Rabe Pesto & Fresh Cheese

An excellent dish of strangely shaped pasta. The noodles are sort of flat little bricks that you have to eat one by one, rather than grabbing a huge forkful. If you see this on the menu, order it.

Untitled at The Whitney review image

Black Bass, Swiss Chard & Mushroom Broth

Have you ever asked your mom what she feels like eating and her answer is “a nice piece of fish?” This is the true embodiment of that answer.

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