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Does anyone out there know how to build something that functions like a slot machine? If so, we have a free idea for you: The Restaurant Creator. Take a spin, end up with a few different elements that you’re forced to build into a restaurant.

You might end up pretty lucky: Congratulations, you get to open a tiki bar that serves an amazing burger in Williamsburg. Or you might get very unlucky: Sorry, you have to open a gluten-free fine dining restaurant next to Port Authority where everything must be dusted in crushed peanuts. It’s just the luck of the draw.

Well, in the world of The Restaurant Creator, Tygershark took a spin, ended up with something that sounded both pretty cool and pretty random, and totally nailed it.

it’s the Korean seafood coffee shop surfboard store you never knew you wanted or needed, but will be absolutely thrilled to have.

Tygershark is a Korean, seafood-focused restaurant in Prospect Heights that’s also a coffee shop during the day, and also sells surfboards. And it’s the Korean seafood coffee shop surfboard store you never knew you wanted or needed, but will be absolutely thrilled to have. The food and vibe here are both excellent, interesting, and a lot of fun. It’s also incredibly well-priced - you can eat a fairly serious meal here, and have a drink or two, and very easily get out for under $50 a head. As we said, jackpot.

The menu is short, and meant for sharing - expect dishes like hamachi sashimi over a grilled rice ball, or corn fritter topped with salmon roe, crab, and cotija cheese. You’ll also find some more clearly Korean dishes, like a soondubu tofu stew or a plate of spicy rice cakes. Most items are around $12-$20, and you’ll want roughly three for every two people. On top of that, the cocktails are fun, the servers are nice, and a low key surf feel permeates the space.

Good work, Restaurant Creator machine.

Food Rundown

Crab Fried Rice

Fried rice with mushrooms, imitation crab, and kimchi thrown in, with a yolky egg on top. Hot, spicy, and delicious.

Grilled Octopus

Octopus cooked just right, with rice cakes, bacon, egg, and some cream tossed in. This sounds like it could almost be too much, but it’s not at all.

Corn Fritters

As you’re likely beginning to figure out, Tygershark is extremely adept at taking a whole bunch of random ingredients, and throwing them together to great effect. Which makes sense for a place that’s pulling off the Korean seafood surf coffee shop theme. The corn fritters are topped with crab, charred scallion crema, cotija cheese, and some salmon caviar for good measure. There’s a lot going on here, but again, it works.

Nian Gao

Chewy rice cakes are a favorite order at Korean restaurants, and they are one of the best things at Tygershark. They come here with a bit of pork and fish cakes in a brown sauce. One of the more straightforward, delicious dishes here - we’d order it again.

Hamachi Sashimi Bap

Slivers of sashimi atop a grilled rice ball, with some salad on the side. A nice, lighter option if you’re going heavier elsewhere.

Long Beans

When even the random side dish you might easily have skipped over is awesome, you know you’ve found a place worth your time. There’s a creamy, tangy, spicy sauce hidden at the bottom of the bowl that makes the dish. Don’t skip these, as we nearly did.

Shrimp Bao

If there’s any dish we’d skip on a return visit, it’d be the shrimp bao. They’re perfectly tasty, but the sauce is laid on a little too thick, and the overall result isn’t as exciting as the rest of the menu here.


Probably the closest thing to a traditional Korean dish you can get here, the tofu stew comes with clams, pork, and mushrooms. Order it if you’re looking for something hearty and warm, but head elsewhere if you’re looking for a bunch of light bites.

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