Tulcingo Deli Grocery

At this nondescript Bushwick deli, you’ll see kids running around impatiently until they discover the rainbow lineup of paletas sitting in the freezer. This deli deserves a shoutout for their selection of distinctly Mexican flavors you’ll have a hard time finding elsewhere in the city. Go with the bright red grosella if you're in the mood for super sweet, but if you prefer something tart, cheesy nance fruit transforms into a surprisingly good icy treat. A creamier option is mamey–the fruit’s dense, silky flesh makes for something that’s like frozen pumpkin pie filling on a stick. But for the adult attempting to corral the kids into the car (and perhaps regretting letting them have dessert before dinner), rompope is key. It is frozen almond-y Mexican eggnog, and tastes like it has enough rum in it that it's almost (blissfully) inappropriate for an ice cream party.

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