Tsurutontan first opened in Japan more than 30 years ago, so this place has had some time to perfect their specialty, udon. There are plenty of udon bowls to choose from, like one with creamy broth and uni and another with wagyu and oysters in a sweet sukiyaki soup. We tend to gravitate towards the katsu curry that comes with a thick and juicy fried pork cutlet and lots of onions. All these options come in a bowl the size of a sink, which is actually useful because this makes it almost impossible to spill anything on your shirt. There’s also a full sushi menu and an all-day Happy Hour for select wines, beers, and sake. The original NYC location is in Union Square, but this second outpost in Midtown has tons of seating spread out over three floors, so it’s a great choice for all the teams (work, basketball, or otherwise) in your life.

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