Tradisyon looks like a place one might go to build a salad that you can collect points for on an app, but it’s actually a solid Filipino spot in Hell’s Kitchen that works well for takeout. They serve many of the things you’d find on the menu at most Filipino restaurants in NYC, like kare-kare and pork sisig, but you want the squid adobo. It has more chewy, chopped up pieces of squid than you’ll find at most places for under $12, and the adobo sauce has a tinge of brininess. They let you choose between white rice and garlic rice with every entree, and you’ll only need one thing to get full. So even though your food comes in a takeout container, it’ll be much more interesting than the seasonal salad you order ahead of time on your computer. While it seems like most people do takeout here, they also have a bunch of outdoor tables that work well for people-watching down 7th Street.

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