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The Farm on Adderley

Hours:MONDAY11:00AM to 11:00PM

We’re told The Farm On Adderly has been busy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner since the day they opened their doors several years ago. Though the place isn’t named for an actual farm, the kitchen leans heavily on local and seasonal ingredients, and the food has a bit of a rustic slant.

The Farm on Adderley review image

Food Rundown

Kale Salad

An incredibly good kale salad with celery root, lemon, and parmesan.

The Farm on Adderley review image


Simple - not loaded up with cheese or bacon or anything else - these are some good grits.

Bread & Dip Plate

Simple, but close to my heart. This is basically just a plate with hummus, tabouli, and roasted eggplant, served with toasted crusty bread. It’s all tasty.

Tuna Salad on Country Bread

You know why this is awesome? Capers. Capers make everything better.

Red Flannel Hash

A solid corned beef hash that’s better with the inclusion of beets and, get this, beet mustard. Beet mustard is apparently mustard, somehow made from beets. That sentence is our version of that page in NY Mag where they showcase an ingredient. It’s good, and it makes a fried egg surprisingly better.

The Farm on Adderley review image

Sausage & Eggs

The Farm on Adderley knows how to make a breakfast sausage. About the size of a bratwurst, this was crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, perfect piece of breakfast.

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