The Brooklyn Star

Perfect For: Big Groups Brunch

The Brooklyn Star has been through some tough times. The original location of the Williamsburg comfort food establishment was taken out by a bad kitchen fire last year. Luckily, they wound up back on their feet, now in a bigger, badder, and more central location just steps from the Lormier L train stop. To be honest, we weren't all that crazy about the original Brooklyn Star. It was one of those restaurants that we wanted so badly to be great, and instead found it to be painfully average. But over the last few months, you the Infatuation Nation have been all over us about giving the new restaurant a shot, mostly by flooding our Instagram Challenges with crazy good looking food pics. So give it a shot we did, only to end up with that familiar feeling of disappointment. Cool new space, same average restaurant.

Fools gold, that's what Brooklyn Star is. The menu reads like an Infatuation wet dream, listing all kinds of unhealthy hotness like fried steak and a molasses pork chop. They toy with our emotions with good beers on tap and the Tribe Called Quest Pandora station bumping on the stereo. Each meal we've had here starts off with one or two really good appetizers, and then it all falls off a cliff. Kind of like the TV show Weeds, but in restaurant form; starting off strong before quickly losing its way. Every entree we've ever tried here leaves much to be desired. Plus, the service sucks. We're sorry Infatuation familia, but we just don't see eye to eye with you on The Brooklyn Star. We'd love to say that we'd happily come back for a beer and some of their awesome cornbread the next time we're in Williambsurg with nowhere better to eat, but then again, it's Williamsburg. There will always be somewhere better to eat.

Fried Brussels Sprouts
These are fried brussels sprouts with duck confit and a burnt onion chow chow. WTF is onion chow chow, and why is it burnt? I still don't know the answer to either of those questions, but that sh*t is delicious.Mac and Cheese
The Mac 'N Cheese is probably our favorite dish here. The bacon is actually quite understated, and simply added some nice crunch to the creamy, cheesy pasta. As we said in the review, the apps are way better than the mains here, so definitely go heavy on the top side of the menu.Smoked Marrow Bones
Served with spongy toast, red onion jam, and sea salt, the fatty bone marrow had it going on. The problem is that these huge bones don't net very much marrow and we were left with all kinds of leftover bread and nothing to spread on it.Bacon Jalapeño Corn Bread
If your meal were to end here, the overall rating score would likely be a full two points higher. This freshly baked skillet of bacon jalapeño corn bread could also easily be your dessert. It tastes like a really delicious, really sweet, really thick pancake, and it smells like french toast. We could eat this all day.Country Fried Steak
It's tough for a country fried steak to be bad, and of the entrees, this was probably our favorite. That being said, this thin, fried piece of beef wasn't anything special. The garlic mashed potatoes it sits on top of were tasty, but a little hard and we didn't taste much bacon, which allegedly came on this plate. We enjoyed, but, again, it's a fried steak. Of course we liked it.Roasted Chicken
A half roast in a sweet tea glaze, this chicken was passable, but not awesome. It was a hearty portion and moist enough, but we left a lot of it on the plate. That's never a good sign.Mussels, Octopus and Smoked Sausage, Roasted Tomato, Poblano, Corn Broth
The Brooklyn Star should be embarrassed that this came out of their kitchen. Wow was this "special" a hot mess. A massive seafood bowl/grab bag of nastiness, we took one bite and vomited a little bit in our mouths. Cold, gnarly mussels, massive chunks of rubbery octopus tentacles, poop looking bricks of sausage...all completely inedible. A huge fail and one of the worst dishes we've ever been served at a restaurant. Steer clear.Molasses Brined Pork Chop
Another letdown, this pork chop was below average. It was tough to cut, wasn't as juicy as we'd like, and the sides of sloppy braised collard greens and wayyyy too smokey onion rings didn't help either. Skip city.

Food Rundown

Raw Kale Salad

The Brooklyn star does an excellent kale salad. It's a stacked plate of kale, roasted peanuts, raisins, and a cheddar crisp for texture. Get your greens on.

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