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Sometimes you’re just in the mood for the meat sweats. When that happens downtown, look no further than The Breslin at the Ace Hotel in Flatiron. This is the kind of stick-to-your-bones meal you’ll want after a long day of walking around the city. We’re fans of the lamb burger with feta, but you’d also be wise to stop by for a drink and an order of fries. The fries are thick-cut, but still crispy and golden, and deserve some sort of plaque on a nearby park bench. The Breslin is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Food Rundown

Full English Breakfast

Consisting of a fried egg (one of the better fried eggs we’ve ever had), pork sausage, bacon, roasted tomato, and grilled mushrooms, this is one hell of a way to start off your day. In England.

Skirt Steak with Green Sauce & Fried Eggs

Good luck doing anything with the rest of your afternoon. This is not the kind of breakfast that yields productivity. The skirt steak was good, but not mind blowing. Again, the eggs here are fantastic.

Pork Scratchings

Fried pork rinds show up in a bag like they were bought from the market. Nice gimmick, and for five dollars, not a bad deal. A bag that size is definitely going to cost you more at Whole Foods.

Beef & Stilton Pie

Cute little beef pies that left much to be desired, they’re extremely dry and almost flavorless. Skip these and get down with something else.

Onion and Bone Marrow Soup

Similar looking and tasting to standard French onion soup, the bone marrow gives this an extra rich flavor that balances quite well with the parmesan toast that comes with it. A solid, albeit heavy, appetizer and possibly one of the only soups I’d ever recommend to share. All you need is a couple sips of this and you’re good to go.

Herbed Caesar Salad with Anchovy Croutons

Somehow even the lone salad on the menu manages to be rather filling. Huge romaine leaves lathered in dressing give this green a lot of personality. You could order this and the Bone Marrow Soup as your dinner and still end up in a food coma.

Smoked Pork Belly with Mashed Potatoes For Two

This isn’t that standard small piece of pork belly that most restaurants serve. No way. This thing is huge. My issue is that to get to the beautiful tender pieces, you have to eat through thick layers of fat. Yes, it tastes great, but you can feel the lard trickling down your esophagus and sitting in your belly for the next week.

Stuffed Pigs Foot For Two

They claim this is the foot of a pig, but this thing looks it came off a T-Rex. It could easily feed the entire Jets offensive line. As much as we wanted to, we just weren’t feeling the foot. The crispy, fatty pieces of meat in the actual foot part are incredibly rich, and the stuffed part of the foot tasted like meat loaf. Bad meat loaf. Also, spitting out pig toe bones during dinner...kind of nasty.

Lamb Burger with Thrice Cooked Steak Fries

Not a bad burger, but certainly not in the same league as The Spotted Pig’s burger. Shaped like a hockey puck, this grilled disc sits neatly in a fresh sourdough bun - one that packs just a little too much bread. Medium rare seems to come out medium, but maybe that’s just how the lamb cooks? The steak fries are creating quite the buzz and deservedly so. The outsides are nice and crispy, while the insides are straight up mashed. Fries > Burger.

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