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Thailand's Center Point

$$$$(718) 651-6888
Hours:WEDNESDAY11:30AM to 10:00PM

Thailand’s Center Point is a friendly neighborhood spot in Woodside that’s significantly more impressive than your average friendly neighborhood spot. The menu is over 100 items long, and the signature dish here is a crispy papaya salad with squid and shrimp. It comes out heaped in a bowl, looking like an edible monument commemorating its own deep-fried deliciousness, and it’s how you should start every meal here. For an even more deluxe version, get the one with softshell crab, and finish things off with some tamarind fried with a salty egg on the side. This place is great for a weeknight meal, and it’s a little more casual and better for solo dining than SriPraPhai (just a few doors down).

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