Tehuitzingo Deli Grocery

Perfect For: Quick Eats Serious Take-Out Operation

Like most people, we’re quite fond of tacos. As a matter of fact, our quest to uncover tasty tacos around this city often feels endless. In some other parts of the country, taco trucks and carts decorate street corners like Starbucks and Duane Reades do here. In NYC, you have to dig a little harder. So when we come up with a quality find, it’s something to write home about. Especially one in Hell’s Kitchen.

The good people of Infatuation Nation led us to Tehuitzingo. We owe this to you, and your constant Tweets and emails. It doesn’t look like much from the outside, but once through the storefront bodega, an oasis of tortilla-filled goodness is uncovered. There are nearly twenty different taco options ranging from goat to beef tongue to pork to potatoes with jalapeños. There’s a little something for everyone. Order at the window, grab a 16oz Mexican Coke from the fridge, nosh on a stool, and enjoy the ghetto grocery garden of fake flowers, inflatable Corona bottles, and palm trees hanging from the rafters. This is our kind of spot.

Food Rundown


Spicy, chunky and really, really good.

Tacos Al Pastor

A huge helping of spicy roast pork over a bed of pineapple. Make sure you get one of these.

Lengua Tacos

Enough fatty beef tongue to break through the double layered tortilla that houses this taco.

Chorizo con Papas Tacos

It’s hard to not order chorizo tacos, but we’d suggest staying away from them here. There are better options.

Barbacoa Taocs

A heavy handed serving of goat meat, which, to me, tastes like a combination of duck, dark chicken and pork. Get in there.

Papas con Rajas Tacos

These potato, onion, and jalapeño tacos are quite tasty. The pepper surprisingly doesn’t add as much kick as you would think.

Vegetarian Tacos

A pile of rice and beans with some lettuce and tomato for garnish. There are tasty meatless things, but there’s also a lot of food in play to fit into a small tortilla. Grab a fork and knife.

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