Tashkent Supermarket

As one of our friends put it, there’s a tide that flows through Tashkent Market: If you want to shop here, you’ll need to commit to catching the wave and letting it carry you through the store, circling multiple times if necessary to get what you came for. The seemingly endless hot bar is stacked with Central Asian specialties, and it’s constantly being restocked with everything from fresh-baked baklava to creamy, layered salads and heaping piles of plov. The gyro stand near the entrance churns out chicken, beef, and lamb shawarma 24/7, and their housemade svekolnik- a bubblegum pink cold beet and labneh soup - is a must-try. Tashkent is also home to one of the best smoked-fish selections in the neighborhood, with both hot- and cold-smoked varieties available. If the thought of coming here during peak hours is intimidating, go before 8am. You’ll have the store mostly to yourself, and everything on the hot bar will be particularly fresh.

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photo credit: Carina Finn

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