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Damn. People really love Tanoreen. And I mean loooove it. You know how I can tell? I actually know people that have been there, and it's in Bay Ridge. Not too long ago, Penelope Cruz could have been handing out free lottery tickets and Chipwiches from a truck in Bay Ridge and I still probably wouldn't have made the trip. But the promise of eating some mind blowing Middle Eastern food finally managed to get us on the R Train, and we're glad we went. Tanoreen lives up to the hype.

Now if you live in pretty much any part of Brooklyn, this is a fairly reasonable trip. But from Manhattan, you're talking 45 minutes to an hour on a subway just to get to Tanoreen's front door. The question ultimately becomes -is this place so much better than others like it that it's worth the long trip? We say yes, with a caveat. Yes, if you appreciate Middle Eastern or Mediterranean food. You'll have a hard time finding better anywhere, and need to make a night out of this place. Yes, if you're looking to share what you eat, and have a pleasant, relaxed dinner with friends or family. But if you are at all inclined to a) bitch about the subway ride, b) bitch about how much cheaper you can find falafel and street meat, or c) feel bad for the lamb you are eating - you probably shouldn't bother.

Food Rundown


One of the best servings of hummus we've ever had, and we've had a lot lately. Lemony and perfect. We also love basket full of thin pita covered in za'atar. That sh*t is amazing.


Possibly the number one favorite dish on the table. This is baked ground lamb that you want to have topped with tahini (rather than the tomato sauce). It's a huge serving, and comes on a plate next to rice with fried onions in it. Amazing.

Fried Kibbe

Big balls of fried meat. See the Naya review - these are pretty much exactly the same, and they're really good.

Eggplant Napoleon

Layers of fried eggplant alternating with layers of baba ganouj to make up a perfect dome of deliciousness on a plate. You absolutely need to eat this.

Cauliflower Salad

We heard great things about this cauliflower salad with pomegranate molasses, but found it too sweet and didn't finish it. Some people love it, but it's not our thing.

Stuffed Cabbage

Incredibly delicate cigar shaped cabbage rolls, stuffed with lamb and rice. The cabbage is paper thin, and the lamb perfectly spiced. I could have eaten ten.

Brussels Sprouts

Wanna know why these are awesome? Because they're deep fried. Moving right along...

Mini Pies

We ordered the combination of three pies; spinach, meat, and cheese. All were tasty, but on the small side. The circular meat pie was the all around winner and we'd probably go all meat next time around.

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