Sweetgreen Tribeca

Before Sweetgreen blows up even further and we're unable to keep track of all the different locations spread across Manhattan, Brooklyn and possibly even Jersey (actually, Jersey probably isn't cool enough for a Sweetgreen), we wanted to take a minute to cover the second NYC location of our personal favorite salad chain ever.

As discussed at length in our original Sweetgreen NoMad review, I am obsessed with salad. Not only is Sweetgreen the best fast-casual salad chain that's ever existed, it's gotten to the point where I'm physically unable to consume any other build-your-own salad chain's greens anymore. I know, it's a problem, but this stuff makes me happy. So toss me up a big ass bowl of happiness, impossibly happy human behind the Sweetgreen counter.

Is it really necessary for us to throw another review at the kings of kale? Probably not. But we also didn't get to gush about the Harvest Bowl in our first review, which is our favorite salad on the permanent menu. Nor did we have the opportunity to discuss the seasonal menu, which is super impressive. The best thing we've had at Sweetgreen thus far was the dressing that accompanied that special Momofuku salad collaboration they launched over the summer. Bring it back. Speaking of seasonal menus, that's a reason to keep returning, as they seem to keep outdoing themselves month after month.

Is Sweetgreen's lettuce that much better than everyone else's? Their marketing tells us it is, but in reality, probably not. All we know is that we get way more fired up to eat their greens than anyone else's. Salad places aren't supposed to have this much swag.

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