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Manhattan's midsection is loaded with Japanese restaurants, most of which suck. But Sushi of Gari is as legit as they come. Next time you need some upscale [perfect_for slug="pre-theater-eats"]Pre-Theater Eats[/perfect_for], this place should be on your list of options. And if you work in Midtown and are feeling fancy while working at your desk, Gari delivers, and delivers well.

Food Rundown

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Gari's signature. This is the reason why you're coming here. The chef's daily selection of fresh, seasonal, sushi and sashimi. Although the rotation changes everyday, here are some of our favorite preparations we've seen more than once: Salmon with Broiled Tomato, Tuna with Tofu, Red Snapper with Salad, and, our favorite, Yellowtail with Jalapeño.

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