Sushi 456

The city is flooded with places where you can get an under-$100 omakase, but Sushi 456 is secretly one of your best options. This West Village restaurant doesn't really look like much. It's on a relatively quiet stretch of Hudson Street, and it has a casual, bare-bones dining room with a small chef's counter and a handful of plain wooden tables. If you sit at a table, you can order à la carte, but for the full experience, get a seat at the counter and go the omakase route. There are two options—$70 for 10 pieces or $100 for 15—and the less-expensive one is still plenty luxurious. Pieces like buttery king salmon and amberjack with bits of jalapeño are served at precisely the right melt-in-your-mouth temperature, and it's the little details like this (along with the solid fish selection) that set 456 apart.

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