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You can imagine the meetings that produced Sunday in Brooklyn. The team sitting around a table doing word maps about the kind of people they hoped would eat here. We can see them coming up with marketing archetypes like “Anton” and “Liza,” Williamsburg/Bushwick/Greenpoint people who wear big floppy hats inside, have part-time jobs as models for a cruelty-free leather clog company, and frequent warehouse parties that don’t start until 5am.

I mean, these people named their restaurant Sunday in Brooklyn.

But despite its name, and a space that feels like an amalgamation of every aspirational interior you’ve ever seen on Instagram, Sunday In Brooklyn actually isn’t as ridiculous as you might think. Sure, it feels like a place that people named Anton and Liza would hang out. But, judging by the crowd of people that also includes plenty of Courtneys and Kevins, Sunday in Brooklyn is a place pretty much anyone would want to hang out.

It’s a great space, with exposed beams, a wood burning oven, and a big, nice bar. There’s lots of natural light during the day, white marble tabletops, and flowery china that looks like it came from a garage sale upstate. All of these things - plus a killer playlist and very friendly, unpretentious staff - make Sunday in Brooklyn an enjoyable place for brunch and dinner. Even if you’re here on a Wednesday.

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It’s the kind of place where people would go even if the food was hot garbage. Good news: it’s not. Sunday In Brooklyn does a great brunch, serving grain bowls and matcha lattes for those who just went to their hot yoga studio that’s morally opposed to showers, and patty melts and Bloody Marys for those who did too good of a job reenacting their college glory days last night. Dinner is more limited - your choices are a somewhat forgettable chicken or steak or some much weirder, much better stuff like pastrami-cured cod and sea trout in potato broth and hot buns stuffed with oyster cream.

Sunday in Brooklyn is a better brunch spot than it is a dinner restaurant, but it doesn’t really matter. The reason that real people are at Sunday in Brooklyn is the vibes. (Which are only going to get better when the rooftop opens.)

If you live in the neighborhood, this will probably make its way into your rotation, and if you don’t, it could be worthy of a trip - depending on your own priorities. We don’t know if you’re an Anton or a Liza, so you’ll just have to decide those for yourself.

Food Rundown

Sunday, Bloody Sunday

We don’t typically talk about drinks here, but a Bloody Mary is basically a meal in liquid form and this mezcal one is maybe the best we’ve ever had.

Pecan Sticky Bun

It’s brunch. So you probably want a bite of something sweet, and this should be that bite.

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Egg & Sausage Sandwich

A breakfast burger, except with sausage instead of beef and topped with a Macchu Picchu of fried potatoes. If you are reading this hungover, you can stop and just get this. Your future nap thanks you.

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Grain Bowl

On the other side of the spectrum, this is what you get if you’re trying not to eat all your daily recommended calories in one sitting. We appreciate that this is actually satisfying, as opposed to just making you hungrier than you were before you started eating. Get it with smoked salmon.

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Buckwheat Sourdough

They make their own bread here, and you’re going to want a baby loaf of it on your table at dinner. Try not to lick the butter.

Deviled Eggs

Good, not great. Deviled eggs should be creamy and these were on the harder/colder side.

Toasted Buns With Oyster Cream

Six little rolls stuffed with a salty, creamy substance we would not have identified as oyster juice unless we read the menu. This is another bread product worth ordering here.

Black Cod Pastrami

Our favorite thing on the dinner menu at Sunday In Brooklyn. It’s a cod filet that’s been seasoned and smoked like pastrami, and it comes with slices of their toasted sourdough and homemade sour cream and pickles to make your own ideal bites. You could easily build a nice meal out of this and a few other snacks.

Sea Trout

Never heard of Sea Trout? You are not alone. Turns out it’s indistinguishable from salmon, which is a good thing because we like salmon. It comes in a funky potato broth, and it’s definitely the best and most interesting entree on the menu.

Roasted Chicken

A big half of a roast chicken that tastes pretty smoky (we think that’s how wood-burning ovens work). Besides the edible arrangement of kohlrabi it comes with, it’s kinda boring.

Minute Steak

A big flattened ribeye. Again, a pretty simple entree that won’t make you mad but also won’t thrill you. More Sea Trout please.

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