Sugar and Plumm

This Restaurant is Permanently Closed

Is it possible that a restaurant could be equally Perfect For stoned college kids as it is a six year old’s birthday party? In the case of Sugar and Plumm, it most certainly can. Need photo proof? Check out our friend Tina’s Flickr g allery. This new sweets bar/sit down restaurant hybrid is all kinds of ridiculous. Think Dylan’s Candy Bar meets Sarabeth’s meets Coldstone Creamery in its prime...on ‘roids. Sugar and Plumm is an import from Paramus, New Jersey, and despite an atrociously Jersey fuchsia color scheme, this joint is going to do ridiculous business on the UWS. We wouldn’t be surprised if it goes on to be a successful national chain. Which is precisely why we decided to check it out.

After twenty minutes of futzing around in the candy department and staring down each and every kid with an ice cream cone, we decided it was time to sit down and have a proper meal. What does a proper meal at Sugar and Plumm consist of? Very possibly a waffle and bacon shake to start, a strawberry shortcake sundae as an entree, and then a big slice of Heaven & Hell cake for dessert. These are the main attractions here, and they’re really good. But what about something a little more savory, like chicken and waffles? That was pretty good too. As a matter of fact, the kitchen put on a better show than we expected overall. We’d say that unless you’re having dinner with around thirty toddlers, Sugar and Plumm should probably be reserved for a lunch or brunch experiment, and is strictly off limits for anyone who can’t handle having the glucose shakes for a few hours. Order a few things for the table to share as the portion sizes are massive and the incredible sweetness of almost everything means a couple of bites goe a long way. We weren’t brave enough to order the lobster roll, which is very possibly covered in Skittles and/or actually made of gummy. Proceed at you and your pancreas’ own risk.

Pulled Pork & Waffles
Scratch the chicken and waffles, what you need are the pork and waffles. What the chicken lacks in moist goodness, the pork makes up for in spades. It’s smoked for 72 hours and comes soaking wet in maple BBQ sauce, and is then sandwiched in between a pair of waffles and topped with pickled onion slaw, jalapeño, and a fried egg (if you so dare). Buckle up.Short Rib Hash
Our waiter suggested this and he was spot on. The short rib hash with purple potatoes and onions was the best thing we ate, and it needs to be on your table.Sugar and Plumm Crunch Toast
Also known as dessert french toast. This is brioche bread smothered in white peach-strawberry compote, vanilla, strawberries, mascarpone cheese, and a kilo of powdered sugar. It’s obviously delicious, but nobody needs more than a few bites of this.Crepe with Butter and Sugar
There’s a whole section on the menu of buckwheat crepes, but we couldn’t resist the simple, sweet crepe with butter and sugar. It was everything we had hoped for and more. So much better than the ones at Vive La Crepe in Soho.Angus Footlong Hot Dog
A massive black angus beef dog is completely covered in relish, onions, and a tasty house made mustard. But we’ve got two complaints. Too much bun. Too much mustard. Other than that though, it’s pretty damn good. We also thoroughly enjoyed watching the kid at the table next to us wrestle with this thing for thirty minutes. Kid lost. Hot dog all over his shirt and face.Dessert
The ice cream, on its own, isn’t amazing. We tried a couple of different flavors, and weren’t very impressed. However, the milkshakes and sundaes are crazy good. That’s why you’re here. Indulge. The chocolate chip cookies on the other hand left much to be desired? Go to Levain.

Food Rundown

Fried Chicken & Waffles

Now this is what Instagram exists for. The waffles had a really nice crisp to them, but they are also super dry. A layer of butter and maple syrup helped fix that. Likewise, the fried chicken could have used a little moisture as well. This most certainly ain’t Roscoe’s, but it’ll do for the Upper West Side.

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