Streetbird Rotisserie

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Dear Mom,

Of all the apologies I owe you - for the white lies, the harsh words, my overall existence from age eight to like a year and a half ago - this will probably be the most important one. You see, my whole life, I was a nonbeliever. Because of your distaste for any red meat or fish (unless it's canned tuna salad, which has always been confusing for me), you've spent the lion's share of your motherhood trying to instill in me some degree of appreciation for chicken. Yet, I have resisted. "There's no flavor!" I said. "But it's boring!" I said, as I quite vocally longed for dad to come home so I could eat some f*cking BEEF for once.

And now, I'm apologizing. I have gone to Streetbird Rotisserie (the casual new Harlem spot from Marcus Samuelsson of Red Rooster) and I'm starting to see the light. I've dabbled in the restaurant's crispy fried chicken, but that's a gateway drug. The real game changer is Streetbird's specialty, the rotisserie chicken with a side of sauce. Now, I crave the moist, savory, roasted bird from the corner of West 116th Street. And the cornbread with special sauce. And the noodles because SHO 'NUFF they're better than most legitimate Asian joints can deliver on. Guess that's how they got their name.

But I digress! This isn't about me. This is about you finally winning the war after the many bloody, bratty battles I've waged since I was a young warthog. For you, I will spread the gospel. For you, I will evangelize the shit out of Streetbird Rotisserie. Because their chicken deserves it. You deserve it. The people deserve it.

Your ever hyperbolizing daughter.

PS: The service is fast and friendly, the vibe is casual and fun, and the food is priced extremely fairly. If you're looking for an "it" Harlem spot with lots of "it" things (like visits from scenesters and Clintons), this probably won't be your jam. Should you drag your high maintenance, hard party friends up here on a Saturday night? Probably not. But this is a place we recommend hitting when you're trying to hide from them and just enjoy some good uptown vibes.

Food Rundown


Two Texas toast-sized slices of straight-up cornbread served with a meaty, soy sauce heavy, tapenade-y spread.

Sho 'Nuff Noodles

Next time I'm craving Asian noodles I might jump on the B train straight to Streetbird because the corner takeout store has NOTHING on this doughy, flavorful dish.

Crispy Bird Sandwich

Fried chicken is all about the brine and the sauce and Streetbird nails it in their own unique way. Fluffy potato roll, chunky pickle spears, and a smoky BBQ sauce that you'll want to leave on your hands just to help prolong the glory.

Rotisserie Chicken

Even the quarter cut of this perfectly prepared roasted bird is generous. And the sauce line-up is dangerously deep. No matter what you choose, you win.

Old Broadway Wings

Wings with sauce and fixins. You won't be disappointed.

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