Somewhere Nowhere

Neon lights, custom gnome sculptures, and a state-of-the-art sound system all contribute to the EDM-festival feel at Somewhere Nowhere, a two-story indoor lounge and open-air rooftop on the 38th and 39th floor of the Renaissance New York Chelsea Hotel. This is a bottle service destination where bouncers can justify keeping you in purgatory downstairs—but if you make a reservation before their late-night service starts, it feels a little more wholesome, and you won’t see anyone other than the waitstaff in bodycon dresses.

The indoor lounge looks a bit like a bedroom oasis a teenager would dream up, complete with puffy paper mache clouds, a giant hummingbird, and a dance floor lit with purple lighting. The actual rooftop is a bit more sleek (less neon, more neutrals), and it has a pool for you to enjoy cocktails around. Bottle service and very loud DJ sets start at 10pm, and if you’re into that type of rooftop party, you should know there’s a hundred dollar minimum, and reservations are mandatory. But we’ve had a surprisingly good time here when it's less sloppy. Stop by on the earlier side, and you might be able to catch a live jazz band, some aerial performances, or burlesque for no extra cover charge.

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