Smith & Wollensky

This restaurant isn’t trying to be anything other than a classic and reliable steakhouse, and that’s exactly what it is. You’ll see white tablecloths, wine bottles stored everywhere, and servers wheeling out plates on carts throughout the large, two-story space. The huge martinis are properly chilled, the clams casino is pleasingly salty from all the bacon, and the simple house caesar is prepared exactly as it should be.

But what about the steaks? The massive prime rib, which comes with its bone, is juicy and has an intense beefy flavor. However, the bone-in dry-aged filet is the surprise winner here. Every picture-perfect slice with a deep brown crust and an ideal pink-and-red middle is so indulgent that you won’t mind that you're eating such a lean cut. 

Smith & Wollensky review image

photo credit: Henry Hargreaves

If you order correctly, you won’t have room for dessert. Doesn’t matter—the moist coconut cake is a must. The rectangular slice (with pineapples and mango ice cream) is cut like it’s from the middle of a cake. That means there isn’t one edge with a lot more frosting, making this dessert less of a sugar bomb overall.

Smith & Wollensky’s recognizable green and white facade has been a fixture in Midtown East for over 40 years, and given how endearing their straightforward approach to serving steak is, it’ll probably be around for at least 40 more.

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