Sushi Sasabune



Upper East Side

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Before you enter Sasabune, you'll be scolded a little bit. Not by the chefs themselves, but by the sign outside that reads: “No spicy tuna roll. No California roll. Trust me.” Once you’re inside, however, the atmosphere is all warm hospitality—which is nice, since the space is cramped, and any negative energy might unbalance the whole room. A meal here starts with a couple small plates followed by 14 pieces of nigiri served two at a time, and it ends with a handroll. The chefs will keep a watchful eye on how you treat their work, providing specific instructions on which pieces to dip in soy sauce and which to enjoy in their purest forms. Trust them, an extra stroke of soy sauce can sweep away distinct flavors. Come here for an attentive omakase experience, where the chefs will open you up to the potential of each fish. You won't mind a little helicopter parenting. They only want what's best for you.

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