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Getting my hands on one of Saltie's delicious sandwiches was no easy task. It took three failed attempts before I finally took my first bite. Attempt #1: 7:30pm on a Wednesday. I figured the place would be packed - instead it was boarded up. Saltie closes at 6pm daily. That's pretty annoying, but OK, fine. I'll come back for lunch. Attempt #2: Midtown to Williamsburg for lunch on a Monday. Bad move, Saltie is closed on Mondays. Now I always consult a computer before embarking on a tasty journey. Attempt #3: Out of work early on a Thursday, I hit Saltie at 5pm. Closed. Come on. Apparently it's Columbus Day or something. At this point, the anticipation is f*cking killing me. Finally, three months after my first attempt...VICTORY. I find open doors, a packed house and a beautiful Scuttlebutt sandwich being prepared just for me.

It's not easy to find a well constructed sandwich made with care in this city. Sandwiches generally fall into the high volume category, and people forget that the key to a quality sandwich is love. NYC needs more Salties. They diligently put together unique and delicious sandwiches made to order. It's got a small town vibe - a tiny mom and pop style operation whose owner is taking your order and whose baking bread can be smelled from blocks away. Back in the day, I'm sure this was all commonplace, but in these modern times of jacked up rents and restaurant chains, these are the kind of places NYC desperately misses. Props to Saltie. You're forgiven for always being closed.

Food Rundown:

Scuttlebutt Sandwich
If I was reading off a menu at a restaurant, never in my life would I order a sandwich made of hard boiled eggs, pickled veggies, cauliflower, feta, black olives, capers, and spicy aioli. It sounds ridiculous, but somehow this motley crew of ingredients comes together in heaven. This sandwich is that awesome. And the bread? It's about as good as bread gets and is the secret weapon that makes all of Saltie's sandwiches so good - a soft, pillowy focaccia, baked fresh everyday. Don't be scared of what's in between. Just close your eyes and open your mouth.

The Captains Daughter
On paper, this is another one I'd usually shy away from. I mean, the main ingredient is sardines. Not exactly something I eat on a sandwich for lunch every day. Toss in some pickled egg, capers, parsley, fennel and salsa verde on that beautiful focaccia and you've got another unusual, but raging party.

Vegetarian Sandwich
It's not on the menu, but if you ask them to make you a veggie sandwich, they'll curate a chronic mix on the focaccia just for you.

Chocolate Chip Cookie
We're bummed to report that this did not go down as one of our favorites. It's a little on the dry side and tastes a little too healthy.

Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding
In the display, it looked incredible, but this pudding was kind of bland. We'll forgive Saltie for a couple of average desserts, because the sandwiches are incredible.

Salted Carmel Ice Cream
This is amazing. The ice creams make up for the baked sweets being kind of...whatever.

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