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Saint Theo’s

Hours:WEDNESDAY05:00PM to 11:00PM

Saint Theo’s is from the same people who run American Bar (also in the West Village), and both places look like if Soho House got into the country club business. They each have white tablecloths and big leather booths, although Saint Theo’s—with its parquet floors and elaborately tiled ceiling—is going for more of a let’s-drink-spritzes-on-the-Italian-Riviera vibe. That ambiance is mostly what you come here for, and when you stop by, this place will be packed with folks who just want to eat some pasta in a nice-looking room where they might run into an ex who works at Goldman. The food is, however, slightly above average and occasionally promising, and we'd be lying if we said that we don't enjoy the creamy ricotta gomiti and cuttlefish Venetian-style. If you're looking for a scene and can somehow manage to snag a table, stop by for a lively night out. Order the blue cocktail, hoard the free bread, and keep an eye out for your ex who works at Goldman.

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