A lot about the Avenue C landscape has changed since we first reviewed Royale way back in 2009. Back then, Royale, Esperanto, and The Sunburnt Cow were the only games in town on Loisaida Ave. (Pour some out for the Sunburnt Cow, by the way, we had some great times there in our early 20s.) These days, Avenue C is stocked with and has become one of lower Manhattan’s premiere eating and drinking destinations. One thing that hasn’t changed? The fact that there is no better place to get a burger and soak in some sun than on the back patio at Royale.

For the last decade, Royale has had one of the best burgers in Alphabet City. It’s not fancy, or made with brand-name meat, but it’s tried and true, both consistent and affordable. From the street, Royale doesn’t look like much, so it’s the kind of place you either know about or you don’t. And if you don’t know, now you know.

We generally reserve Royale for day drinking, or when we want to watch sports on TV at a place that doesn’t get overly rowdy.

On second thought, maybe not that much has changed on Avenue C. There are just a lot more options around these parts now. Don’t forget about Royale.

Food Rundown

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Royale Burger With Cheese

Soft bun, medium-sized patty, griddled to perfection. There are no frills to this burger. It’s straightforward and delicious.

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Bacon Royale Burger

Same thing as above, just add bacon. Obviously, add bacon.

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Veggie Burger

They have burgers for vegetarians as well.

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Onion Rings

I love onion rings. Like, a lot. I take them very seriously. These are good onion rings. Huge, fried, crispy rings of heaven. Order them.

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Full spread must include fries. Come on.

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