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Rotisserie Georgette

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14 E. 60th St, New York
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Here's the deal. If you're going to open an expensive, upscale restaurant that serves rotisserie chicken, it better be the best f*cking rotisserie chicken on the planet. Yes, I know that I sound like an angry grandpa, going on about how a roast bird at the market used to cost $3, and then probably complaining about rap music. But seriously, I buy rotisserie chickens from Whole Foods all the time for $8, and they're at least as good as the ones we've had here.

That's not to say we haven't enjoyed some of the food that we've had at Rotisserie Georgette. There are plenty of good things to eat in this place, and the chicken is pretty tasty, though we found it to be so salty that we sort of felt like lying on the floor for a few hours after dinner. We've also seen some seriously good reviews of this place in reputable publications, like the New Yorker. As far as we can tell, your fondness for this place is directly related to how worried you'll be about bill at the end of the night. And that's really the clientele here - people who don't worry much about bills. This is the kind of restaurant that's "downtown" for most of its customers, many of whom just seem excited to be eating somewhere on a Friday night that doesn't have white table cloths. Maybe they'll even play some rock music. No rap, though. That sh*t is ruining this country.

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Food Rundown

Salade Francine

A pretty good salad with asparagus, artichoke, avocado, endive, and some chopped egg. Probably doesn't need to cost $20, but it's worth an order.

Roasted Leeks

An interesting dish of roasted leeks that are topped with duck prosciutto and an interesting grilled red onion vinaigrette. The chewy prosciutto is nice with the soft leeks. Order this.

Poulet Roti

The celebrated rotisserie chicken, complete with your choice of sauce that comes in a little shooter on your plate. We prefer the Diable (Tomato, Tarragon, Paprika) over the Provençal (Herbs de Provence, Garlic), but both were saltier than they should have been. In general, this is good chicken. But we've had better in a lot of restaurants around town.

Culotte d'agneau

A pretty solid lamb dish, served much like the chicken with a side of yogurt sauce that comes in a shooter on the plate. It's good, though it felt small for the money ($32).

Farro And Arugula

This little side of farro and greens is one of the best things we've had at Rotisserie G. The farro tastes like it's been soaked in chicken juice, meaning it's rich and sort of meaty. It also may not be vegetarian, so check with your server.

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