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When you fine people of Infatuation Nation send us recommendations - via Instagram comments, Text Rex, tweets or even that old school thing our parents still do called "email" - we listen. And when we hear it from every direction, we act. The burger at Rose's has been pushed on us constantly, so we knew this was going to be good. The people are rarely wrong.

Rose's is an upscale dive serving elevated bar food in the space that once housed the original Franny's. It's a locals hang, and an excellent option for low key meals, laid back Sports On TV or a pre/post Barclays Center EEEEEATS mission. They have a great Outdoor/Patio Situation out back too, which is key for the warmer months.

The burger is the star of the show, and the reason you're coming here. Rose's burger is the anthesis to all these crazy custom burger blends every restaurant brags about on their menu these days. There's no LaFrieda beef concoction, no crazy special sauce, no pretzel bun, no lobster tail served atop Rose's burger. It's a classic burger on a soft sesame bun with nothing except griddle grease, American cheese, and good feelings. Your grandfather would approve.

The rest of the small menu at Rose's is solid too, and from what we hear, they'll be expanding upon it a lot. The spit pork is one of the better pork chops we've had in recent memory, and if that's any indication of where things are going, the future is bright and meaty.

Once again, big thanks going out to our readers for tipping us off on Rose's. If you eat somewhere great that you think we'll love, tell us.

Food Rundown

Grilled Corn

Corn sitting in a bed of lime mayonnaise and chili, always a crowd pleaser. Order it.

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Onion Rings

We have a real soft spot for heavily breaded, large onion rings here at Infatuation, and when onion rings own their own spot on an appetizer menu, and are served with a housemade horseradish dipping sauce, you know we'll be ordering them. We were not disappointed.

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Wood Grilled Mushroom Lettuce & Tomato Sandwich

A healthier play on the BLT, Rose's has got a MLT on the menu. That's right, Mushroom Lettuce & Tomato. If you are into the magic mushrooms, you will be a very happy camper housing this sandwich.

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Hamburger with French Fries

Not too big, not too small, with no bells or whistles, Rose's burger is a perfectly cooked, extra juicy patty sitting inside one of the softest, buttery sesame buns your mouth will ever have the pleasure of meeting. Add cheese for an extra $1 and prepare for hamburger happiness.

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Spit-Roasted Pork Loin

A pork chop as soft as a baby's bottom, easy to cut, easy to eat, with just a tad of spice to it. Definitely something we'd order again.

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