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American in Fort Greene

Hours: THURSDAY5:00PM to 12:00AM
    Perfect for
  • Dining Solo
  • Eating At The Bar
  • Vegetarians
  • Walk-Ins

Roman’s is owned by the team behind Marlow & Sons and Diner, and eating here serves as further proof that sibling shadows can take their toll. Unlike those other spots (one of which is perfect for any situation requiring a low-key impressive dinner, and the other of which serves a burger we’d bike across Brooklyn for), Roman’s is pretty forgettable. The seasonal Italian and American food here changes every day, but you’ll likely find staples like a burrata with a spicy oil, whatever vegetable they feel like frying that week, three or four pastas, and a few entrees that will probably come with fingerling potatoes. If you’re someone who hangs out in Fort Greene regularly, consider Roman’s the next time you don’t want to travel for a comfortable spot at a bar and a perfectly good plate of brussels sprouts with bacon or a generously-portioned $23 plate of cavatelli. Make sure you get the best thing here - the bread.

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