This neighborhood spot in Ridgewood, opened by five friends who met while working together at Gramercy Tavern, is part Italian bakery and part restaurant. Stop by during the day, and you can grab a coffee and some olive-topped focaccia, rainbow cookies, and gougères. Around dinnertime, however, Rolo’s feels like a scene out of Bushwick fan fiction. That DJ who whipped up a 2am set at Bossanova last weekend will be seated quietly in the corner drinking an espresso martini. And a group of artist friends who once did an impromptu cabaret show on the dance floor at Mood Ring will be sharing a branzino as they discuss the Campari menu. In other words, this is the kind of cool, casual place where you’ll run into neighborhood regulars. Expect to eat a bunch of simple wood-fired breads, meats, and vegetables as you take in the scene.

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photo credit: Adam Friedlander

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