Roebling Tea Room

Perfect For: Action at the Bar Brunch Outdoor/Patio Situation

Brooklynites have consistently been in our ear about hitting the Roebling Tea Room for EEEEEATS, and after a recent lackluster meal here, we're left wondering why. It's a solid Neighborhood Hang for a beer and some Action at the Bar - especially during the summer, when the Outdoor/Patio Situation is open. But, the Tea Room dining experience left much to be desired.

While the drinks are nicely priced ($5 beers, $8 cocktails), the food is the opposite. Most entrees fall in the $18-26 range...standard Manhattan prices. With the exception of a great mac 'n cheese, we found most of the food disappointing and uninspired. Plus, the service is a joke. Your table is tended to like you're at a bar, not a restaurant. Most of the Tea Room's employees are better suited to hand out flyers in front of Music Hall Of Williamsburg than lethargically deliver monkfish to diners.

Bottom line: Roebling is a great place to hang out. We dig the vibe, the beers and the crowd, but it's not a great place to eat. As a restaurant, we do not approve. Unfortunately, some of these beloved Billyburg staples just doesn't measure up in our book. First Dumont, and now this. I'm sorry, but there are so many better places to spend your dollar bills, especially in this neighborhood.

Steak Tartare
In theory, it sounded great, but the dish, which evidently is a popular one here as they serve is as both a starter and an entree, just didn't do much for us. The tartare didn't taste like anything and we could have easily done without this.Smoked Cod
We were into this, and it was a solid appetizer to share, but all you needed was a little taste and you were set.Squid Salad
A gooey, wet, sloppy salad of lightly grilled squid with romaine, wild rice and green goddess dressing. Pretty gross, check it out.Mac 'n Cheese
Hands down, the best dish of the night. That says a lot about the rest of the menu.Fettucini With Sea Scallops
An average pasta course with nothing necessarily wrong about it - it just wasn't that much fun to eat. None of the three people who ordered this at our table came anywhere close to finishing it.Chicken
A medley of different chicken items - a small breast, a drumette and a meatball made from dark meat. Tasty, but quite a small portion. The meatballs were the best part. We could have used more than one of those.Monkfish
This was fine. The fish was nice and moist, but the dish on the whole was not exciting or memorable.

Food Rundown

Shaved Celery Root

When you roll with vegetarians, sometimes you order some random sh*t. The dinner menu featured approximately two vegetarian dishes, one being celery root. Snooze city.

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