Located right on the beach, Rippers is a boardwalk staple for burgers, hot dogs, fries, and beer. With its melted cheese, juicy patty, and pillowy soft bun, their cheeseburger is exactly what you want after you take a few dips in the ocean and decide that's all the physical energy you’re going to exert the day. If you need a vegetarian option, the burger made with quinoa and black beans is just as satisfying, and they’ve got a green juice on deck if you’re trying to go kind of healthy.

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Get a beer or the day’s cocktail option to go with your burger—it could be a sangria, michelada, or frozen cocktail—and be sure to order the truly superior cheese fries with a black pepper kick. After that, you might as well have someone bury you in the sand, because you’ll be down for quite a while.

Rippers is easily a top-three food option across the boardwalk (as you’ll see from the quick moving line), and they have one of the best shaded picnic table setups where you can get a break from the sun.

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photo credit: Noah Devereaux

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