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Randolph Beer

Concert going population of NYC, may we please have your attention. We've found the official Bowery Ballroom pre-game spot: Randolph Beer. This sleek new beer bar has a crazy selection of craft brews we've never heard of - always the mark of a watering hole where we want to drink. Additionally, they have a full menu of eats which are most definitely better than whatever you'd find at the local dive. It's nice and spacious too, so your whole crew can file in at their leisure and room won't be an issue.

Clearly, what we're most excited about is Randolph Beer's proximity to Bowery Ballroom. It's literally around the corner from the venue. What we weren't that thrilled about was the service. It's not like we expect five star pampering at this type of establishment, we'd just like to have a cold beer in our hands quickly, without having to sweat it. There were a total of two people working there, and it's no tiny bar. After sitting and waiting for someone to take our order for twenty minutes, we took matters into our own hands and ordered at the bar. Our waitress was clearly unhappy with us, but whatever - we needed a drink. As for the food, it's a little all over the place. We didn't expect much, but other than a fun corn off the cob with hot sauce dish and a tasty burger, we weren't overly impressed. That being said, for bar food, this is way better than average. We're giving Randolph Beer high-ish marks for their sick beer selection and geographic relativity to our favorite music venue in NYC. Also, for you fútbol freaks, this is a great place to watch. They break out a big screen for all the big matches.

Corn Off The Cobb
An ambitious corn dish that caught our interest immediately, since its description included piquillo pepper, chili lime sauce, and cilantro. Clearly it's a play on Mexican corn, just a little easier to eat. Personally, i enjoyed this a lot.Cheddar Brats
For $6, this is a nice sized sausage. We liked the sauerkraut as well as the spicy horseradish mustard, which really tied the whole thing together. Our one complaint was that the bun was a little thick. We wound up with bites that had a lot of bread and not enough meat.Crispy Chicken Wings
We had high hopes, but these wings aren't anything exciting. For one, we could have gone for some sauce on the actual wing. All the spicy "mojo rojo" was on the side, so you don't get that "soaked in" flavor. Feel free to order, just don't expect this to fully take care of that wing craving.House Pickles
Very tasty. These pickle spears are chopped and tossed in a dressing that's heavy on cilantro, so beware. If you don't like cilantro, you may want to pass on this.Burger
The buzz on the food at Randolph Beer has been centered around the burger, and there's a good reason why. This bad ass burger is the best thing on the menu. It's cooked medium rare and finished with pickles, bacon, and cheddar on a toasted bun. Nothing compliments a cold beer quite like a good burger.Grilled Chicken Salad
We were pleasantly surprised with both the quality and quantity of the grilled chicken salad. A big bowl of jicama, Napa cabbage, avocado, and chicken is complimented with a refreshing pear vinaigrette. It's solid.

Food Rundown

Charcuterie Plate

Below average. The meats kind of tasted like they came out of the pre-packaged section at the grocery store. They should step up their charcuterie game a bit.

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