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Noah Devereaux


Noah Devereaux

Every once in a while you stumble into a restaurant out of convenience, not expecting much, only to wind up being kind of blown away. It's a damn good feeling, and exactly what happened to us at Prospect, a Fort Greene staple steps from Barclays Center.

We wound up here after a show, already buzzed and feeling fantastic about life, and left blindsided by a perfect Caesar salad and spectacular pasta and potatoes. You know that feeling where it sort of feels like you're on drugs, but you're actually just experiencing the EEEEEATS on another level? That's the feeling we left with. We were at exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Needless to say, it was a good night. And, promise, our serotonin levels were fully normal.

Noah Devereaux

We went back to make sure we weren't just drunk the first time through and, nope, we weren't - Prospect is awesome. The food is way more advanced in technique than it may appear on the menu, and it's clear that the kitchen takes things seriously, without being pretentious. Jalapeño Purée creates a moat around their Peruvian pork spare ribs, and calamari is served over smoked potatoes - one of the most glorious combinations ever. The drinks too; tremendous. It's rare you find surprises like this anymore.

While every neighborhood needs a Prospect-type restaurant - a laid-back, hang-out-all-night-long type of setting with an exciting, always changing menu and nice people - Prospect shouldn't just be thought of as a locals-only spot. It's worth traveling for, and is easily one of the best dining options nearby BAM and Barclays.

Now that the cat's out of the bag, surprise won't be part of your Prospect experience. Won't matter though. The food here is next-level.

Food Rundown


The libations are very strong at Prospect. Their brown liquor variety is excellent, and there's an entire section of the menu dedicated to Negronis. We could hang out here and drink all day long.


Chilled on ice with many dipping sauces. You know what to do.

Caesar Salad

Pretty much the perfect caesar. Freezing cold, crispy as sh*t romaine, bread crumbs, extra creamy anchovy dressing and pecorino. This salad is how you start.


How do you make calamari different and exciting? You spice it up with pepper flakes and serve it over a mashup of hay-smoked potatoes, green onions and bread crumbs, that's how. This is, by far, the best calamari I've ever eaten. Order it.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

We stopped ordering brussels sprouts for a while because they got so played out, but started again at Prospect. You should too. The charred sprouts are just the right level of crispy, sweetened with raisins, and served with a really tasty sesame yogurt sauce. Really, really good.


A delicious, homemade pasta in a tomato and yogurt sauce with braised lamb. Greek-influenced Italian fare? We can most definitely get down.

Peruvian Pork Spare Ribs

Potentially the prettiest spare ribs you'll ever see. So pretty, you eat them with a fork and knife, not your hands. That green sauce you see is a Jalapeño Purée, which will drastically improve your life.

Green Circle Chicken

An excellent, Thai influenced chicken dish. Was really impressed by the complexity of the different flavors here. Carrot red curry, scallions, and mint garnished with cauliflower and grilled scallions (which make anything awesome).

Caramelized Banana Cream Cake

Remember the the drugs I was referring to up top? This is the drugs.

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