Prime Meats

Perfect For: Brunch

We've been spending a lot more time in Brooklyn lately, and it's not the indie music scene or girls in ironic glasses drawing us in (please god let that trend end soon). We know we aren't exactly breaking any news by telling you there are outstanding restaurants all over the borough, but now that some ground has been covered in Manhattan, we're ready to start expanding the Infatuation empire. It's business time in BK.

Prime Meats has been on our list for a while now - we love Frankies 457 (owned by the same people), and we love meat. We also happen to be big fans of old timey things, and Prime Meats was meticulously designed to feel like it came from old timey New York. There's a beautiful antique bar, the staff all look like extras from Gangs of New York, and you should know that, just like in the 1890's, they only take cash. The menu is heavy and meat-centric, but most everything is incredible, especially the steaks and anything that sounds German, which is pretty much everything. Before you go, know that this is the kind of place you make a night of. You will likely wait a long while for your table, will likely drink far too many vintage cocktails, and will more than likely want to die from eating so much. As long as you plan accordingly, you should come away happy.

Food Rundown

Housemade Pretzel with Bavarian Mustard

An amazing pretzel that's soft and doughy in the thick parts and perfectly crunchy in the thin parts. Order a few.

The Vesper Brett

An "Alpine tasting board" with all sorts of goodness like smoked pork loin, farmer's sausage, and a house cured bacon that is paper thin, lightly smoked, and melts in your mouth. We had this at the bar while we waited for our table and sucked back drinks. You should too.

Bibb Lettuce Salad

With all that meat on the table, you're going to want some roughage with your meal. This is a simple salad with some pumpkin seeds and a little citrus, and it's very nice.

Dry Aged Bone In Ribeye

All you need to know here is that they bring this hunk of meat out to your table and show it to you before they cook it, just to make sure you're actually aware of what you are about to do you your body. We ordered the ribeye for two and it was roughly the size of a Smartcar. So good.

Sautéed Wild Mushrooms with Poached Egg

Soft cooked egg and mushrooms belong together like Lamar and Khloe. This is a plate of rich earthiness, and it's amazing.

Beef Sauerbraten and Braised Red Cabbage

A giant plate of pork belly, bratwurst, calf tongue, and knackwurst atop some sauerkraut. This is German meat heaven. The calf's tongue is tender and incredible, and the wursts ain't bad either. If you're smart you'll order this for the table and share.

Brussel Sprouts

Keep those greens comin', you're going to need them.

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