Post Office

Perfect For: Drinks & A Light Bite

Yea that’s right. A 9.0 rating. For a little whiskey bar in Williamsburg. A little whiskey bar with a tiny, amateur looking kitchen that very well might be operating on nothing but Easy Bake Ovens. But those adorable little ovens are cranking out mind blowingly good food, and you need to know it.

A quick look at Post Office would probably lead you to believe this is just another Brooklyn drinking destination - one best utilized as a waiting room for crowded restaurants nearby like Traif. And you would also probably assume that the best strategy here is to pay little attention to food and focus solely on plowing your way through a whole lot of brown liquor. Either approach will serve you fine. But the reason we’re here throwing down a serious stamp of approval on this place is because the food is next level. The pulled pork sandwich, deviled eggs, and steak tartare are all absolutely ridiculous - to the point that each might be our favorite in the city. There’s a chicken liver and bacon sandwich that’s damn near perfect, too. The eating is cheap, there is all kinds of good drinking to be done. So we love it, and we think you need to go - but not all at once. We’re not sure those ovens can handle too many sandwiches at one time.

Food Rundown

Deviled Eggs

We love deviled eggs, but they need to have some real flavor to them. These have serious zip, and they’re spicy. A must order.

Steak Tartare

There are a lot of good steak tartares to be had in this world, and we have some favorites. But this one very well could be the all-time king of steak tartares in our book. There is a balance of flavor here that makes each bite perfect. But know that this (like a lot of the menu) has some heat to it.

Chicken Liver Bacon Sandwich

One of the stars of the Post Office menu, this is a nice-sized sandwich that has the perfect amount of livery goodness, and is good as f*ck.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Wow. Every time we took a bite of this incredible sandwich, we were blown away. This thing could hold its own against any pulled pork sandwich in this city.


Fresh and delicious. Oysters and brown liquor are friends.

Chopped Salad

Steinthal likes salad so much that we’re thinking about giving him a spin-off blog called Steinthal’s Salad. OK, it might need a different name, but you get the point. He was freaking out over the dressing on this one, which I will agree was tasty and well distributed. Order this if you need some roughage, or if you actually think a salad blog sounds interesting (you should probably get some friends).

Grilled Cheese With Bacon

This thing is probably awesome if you are dying to eat a grilled cheese sandwich and don’t feel like getting it from a diner or a truck. We enjoyed it, but compared to the ridiculous goodness of everything else on this menu, this sandwich ended up as our least favorite dish.

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