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Pork Slope

What's the first thing you would do if you won a whole bunch of money? Throw a party? Probably. Travel? That's what everyone says. Buy a pet rhino and ride him shirtless through the streets of New York? You better pray I never win the Powerball.

While all of those choices are plausible ways to "invest" some resources after a windfall or overwhelming financial success, we're willing to bet that you and your friends at some point in your life have said to each other, "if we ever make it big, we should totally open our own bar." That is exactly how Pork Slope came to be, according to no actual facts. But we've got a very strong hunch.

As far as we can tell, mere minutes after Dale Talde went from popular Top Chef contestant to successful business owner with the opening of his restaurant Talde, he and his business partners sat down at a meeting and said, "F*ck it. We're on fire. Let's open a bar." And so Pork Slope was born. And thank god it was. We've been saying for years that there are absolutely no places in this city to watch sports on TV and eat excellent bar food, and that's exactly the kind of place that Pork Slope is. Make no mistake - this is not a sports bar - it's more of a self-proclaimed "roadhouse" dedicated to porky menu items. But we can't really think of anywhere else that we'd rather watch a football game and grub hard. The wings are excellent, the ribs are better than at most "BBQ" joints in town, the tater tots rule, and there are tons of good beers on tap. Cons? It get's very crowded, it's cash only, and you order your food from a counter. Oh, and it's in Park Slope. Here's to hoping things go well enough that they can expand. Or maybe I'll just skip the rhino and open up a Pork Slope of my own someday. Who wants in on "Gobble Hill?" We will only be serving giant smoked turkey legs and fortified wines. It's gonna be huge.

Food Rundown

Chicken Wings

We're pretty particular about our wings, and these are some of the better ones you'll find in this town. Get the buffalo the "Broken Chili." The sauce is equally balanced between spicy and tangy, and the wings are perfectly moist on the inside and almost mind bogglingly crunchy on the outside. Enjoy with many beers.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Don't get fooled into thinking that Pork Slope is a BBQ restaurant. It's not. It's a bar, with bar food. This pulled pork sandwich is terrific, but don't hold it up to lofty BBQ standards. Just enjoy that it's delicious pork shoulder piled on some white bread with pickles. And probably don't tell your doctor you eat things like this.

Fried Chicken

We've heard some gripes about the fried chicken here, but we really enjoyed it. Again, the chicken is moist and the skin is crunchy, and we topped it off with some of the Frank's Red Hot on the table. Stop complaining.


Pork Slope makes a fantastic burger. That is all you need to know. Order it.

St. Louis Ribs

I have to admit that I thought these things were gonna suck. Ribs at a place that doesn't specialize in ribs are usually a huge let down. Luckily, I was dead wrong. These ribs are big and meaty, and incredibly tender. Don't come here and not eat them.

Tater Tots

Hot, salty, fried. What else do you want me to say? Order 'em.


A big pile of shredded cabbage and carrots in a very acidic dressing. Not the best slaw we've ever had, but we were glad it was there to cut the grease from time to time.

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