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This Ridgewood all-day spot first opened as an Austrian cafe back in 2019. Before that, the director responsible for that snoozefest The Irishman (Martin...something?) used the space as a film set. Now, Chef Kate Telfeyan has taken over the operation with an all-day menu featuring everything from a Korean breakfast set to nori-fried pork chops and wine and cocktails in the evenings. After trying brunch, we especially recommend the panko-fried fishcake katsu with biting white kimchi on a milk bun, and the sweet tofu pudding with black boba and stone fruit treasures mixed in. There’s also an excellent MEC (mortadella, egg, and kashkaval cheese) made with an egg steamed to perfection for anyone craving a sloppy chili mayo breakfast sandwich in the neighborhood. This is the kind of place you could post up with your laptop for a couple hours, or meet a date for a casual meal while you admire the collection of funky '70s wallpaper, Civil-war era spooky portraits, and the fact that there’s also a piano in the corner. We'll be back for dinner and drinks soon.

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