Pizzeria Panina

Pizzeria Panina is an aggressively likable place, and it’s where you’ll find some of the best pizza in Ridgewood. The small dining room—which tends to stay packed—has checkered floors, soft lighting, and a bay-window nook to sit in up front. If there’s a wait, the manager might pour you a complimentary glass of wine to sip on while you listen to a retro soundtrack and smell the fresh espresso being made behind the bar.

Come with one other person, and order a few of the personal-sized pizzas to split. Panina’s crust is bouncy, charred, and wafer-thin, and we’re partial to the Spicy pie with sausage, salami, and honey. For the best results, get a big well-dressed salad and a glass of wine or a cocktail to go along with your pizza.

If you’re solo, eat at the bar and see if you can spot all the mouse figurines stashed around the space. (The manager is “a big fan of Disney.”) There are also a few tables on the little sidewalk patio right outside the front door, and you should bring a date and claim a couple of those seats when the weather’s nice.

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