Pho Bang is permanently closed

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Pho Bang

Vietnamese in Little Italy

Hours: THURSDAY10:00AM to 10:00PM

Pho Bang is considered among some to be the best pho in NYC. We’re not ready to go that far, but we like it a lot. The Chinatown space is very casual, with big round tables that can fit a about eight people. Whenever we're in the area with a group, or just want to have a delicious dinner for under $15, we come to Pho Bang. You should too.

Food Rundown

Summer Rolls

These will do the job if you’re dying for something to warm you up before you dive into pho, but we find that the pork inside can be a bit dry at times. Don’t go crazy.


We like ours with just some flank steak in it, but you can decide what cuts of meat you’d like floating in your broth. We’d recommend tossing in a whole lot of basil and spicy sauce too.

Pho Bang review image

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