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Since its opening in 2012, Perla has sat close to the top of pretty much every "Perfect For" category on The Infatuation. If that high rating is what led you to to read this review, we have some good news: you picked a winner.

The Greenwich Village Italian restaurant from Gabe Stulman of Fedora, Jeffrey's Grocery, and others has quickly established itself as a new classic, and as one of our absolute favorite restaurants in New York City. The layout and chef have changed since our original review, but our rating will not.

Speaking of layout, Perla has its style in check. Hip hop on the stereo, Muhammad Ali on the walls, boob art in the bathroom, whiskey and red wine lining the many eat-in bar areas, plush leather seating - you get the picture. The place almost feels like a high end man cave/clubhouse. Our kind of spot, that's for damn sure.

With regards to the menu, you can't really go wrong at Perla. It changes often, but pasta should remain your constant focus. Other than that, close your eyes and point. Perla's food is simple, yet very well executed. Elevated enough so that people who take this kind of thing seriously will be impressed, yet also about as satisfying as meals can get.

Perla has staying power. Don't forget about it.

Food Rundown

Cauliflower Piccata

You know what makes cauliflower worth ordering? Charring it, and placing it in a sweet aioli with pickled chilies, and mint.


A staple on the Perla menu, this may be one of the best bowls of pasta in NYC. Little pasta nuggets smothered in a green broccoli rabe pesto sauce with sweet sausage. Get involved.


Fall, encompassed in a bowl of carbs: sweet potato, brown butter, and sage. We'll have seconds, please.


Is there anything more satisfying than a perfectly soft, gummy, pillowy potato pasta ball? No, no there is not. Order the gnocchi.


A crispy skinned half bird over creamy cauliflower stew with cabbage, oyster shrooms, and pancetta. About as good as chicken gets.

Hanger Steak

One of our favorite non-steakhouse steaks in town. Simple, well-executed with explosive flavors, this guy is a home run.

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