Pebble Bar

Remember Midtown? It’s that neighborhood where you used to work, the one with all the Chopt locations. If you’re heading back to the office sometime soon, allow us to introduce you to Pebble Bar. This multi-story spot is in a small townhouse tucked into the side of Rockefeller Center, and investors include Pete Davidson, the producer of “Uptown Funk,” and that guy who plays Ted Lasso. The space looks like a multi-million-dollar residence you’d find in Greenwich Village, and there’s a tiny dining room on the third floor where you can sit in a leather booth and eat steak tartare with truffle aioli. But it’s already tough to get a table up there, so try the walk-in-only lounge on the second floor. Yes, the lounge is standing room only, and the (albeit delicious) cocktails cost $20, but this is Midtown. If a cool bar opens here, you love it unconditionally and never let it go. Stop by after work, and get weirdly nostalgic as you navigate a sea of blazers, fleece vests, and various other interpretations of the phrase “business casual.”

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