Peachy Keen

Peachy Keen is a 70s-themed restaurant in Times Square, and if that sounds like a risky proposition, you have good instincts. The interior feels like it was designed by someone whose research consisted exclusively of That 70s Show reruns: Everything is rainbow-hued, garish, and a little too obvious, from the faux vintage jukebox to the blue vinyl booths. Most of the comfort food falls somewhere between unpleasant to inedible, unless you like your chicken wings aggressively sweet. The cocktails are strong, but taste like they came out of a trash can at a college party. If you’re stuck in the area with unruly children who need to be immediately placated with liquified ice cream, get the “groovy milkshake”—just a regular shake in a tall glass with whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles—while you have a stiff, sweet drink.

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