Pasta Louise

We don’t know how long it’ll be before Olive Garden loses the copyright for their famous slogan, but Pasta Louise could easily adopt it (as long as you’re willing to overlook this Park Slope spot’s lack of unlimited breadsticks). When you’re here, you’re family, or at least surrounded by more families than you’re used to. At this popular Park Slope spot, they make one shape of pasta every day. You choose between house special sauces like Sicilian spicy pesto and cacio e pepe, and add toppings like breadcrumbs, cannellini beans, and prosciutto. The menu is a hit with kids, as is the relatively spacious dining room—but the atmosphere and nice bar aren’t too PG for strictly adult dinners. Stop in for a casual weeknight meal. The whipped ricotta and focaccia appetizer is a standout replacement for those unlimited breadsticks, and they have a pretty nice wine list as well.

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